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MFC GROUP was established under the name Mobler Furniture Company Ltd, and was originally an agency based operation. Having traded in the furniture and home-wares market since 1998 we have a wealth of experience to draw on in terms of product design, development and procurement.

Supplying major retail chains, wholesalers, manufacturers and independent stores in both the UK and Europe, we work with more than 50 different suppliers and have a supply base well in excess of 200.  Sourcing from South America, Northern China, Vietnam, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria and Lithuania, we are particularly strong in wood and case goods, as well as half fabricated products ready for processing.  We specialise in range development and have worked closely with several high end retailers with regards to exclusivity.

MFC GROUP embarked on a considerable expansion programme at the end of 2006, and we continue to be on track to becoming a one-stop global sourcing solution.  We have created three divisions of the MFC GROUP, each focusing on specific areas for sourcing and development:  InterAsia, InterBrazil and InterEurope.  We believe that this is the best way to ensure a full understanding of the ever-changing marketplace and a dedicated focus on procurement.

We continue to strive for competitive pricing and pride ourselves on our ability to bring value to the business we do, both in terms of customer relationships and product development.  We enjoy a widespread network of contacts  both in terms of manufacturing and actual product knowledge, which enable us to ensure that we always have the right product for the right place at the right time.

For all products that we procure, we make every effort to protect the environment.  We do not accept the use of endangered species of wood and heavily promote re-forestation.

We aim to improve the working conditions and promote fair treatment.

We believe in and respect every individual’s right to their religion and culture.

We adopt article 32.1 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. We neither accept nor condone child labour from any of our suppliers

We continue to work in line with the http://www.bsci-eu.org/content.php (hyperlink) BSCI audits  for Supplier Approval processes.   We encourage third party audits for all of our suppliers and are confident that they adhere to our internationally recognised company policies and standards.

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  • мебель, мебели
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