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KMC "ZETA" is a young, rapidly growing company, which brings the concepts of modern and practical interior design into reality for wide variety of customers. KMC "Zeta" is known as one of the first Kazakh manufacturing companies which succeeded in earning a solid reputation and taking a leadership within highly competitive market.

Just recently, in 1996, "ZETA" was founded as an exclusive dealer of few famous European office chair brands. Today, "ZETA" is considered to be the largest manufacturing company in Kazakhstan.

The rapid growth of Kazakh economy made it possible to set up several manufacturing cycles of office chairs in the city of Almaty and few other projects related to "Import Substitution" program supported by Kazakh government. This program helped us to start production of soft furniture from genuine leather of various colors and types that embodies the comfort and refined design according to the best traditions of modern Europe.

Thousands of families all over Kazakhstan created warm atmosphere and comfort with our products, mainly thanks to affordable prices and guaranteed quality associated with brand "ZETA". Thanks to broad choice of products and flexible pricing, majority of offices around Kazakhstan use "ZETA" products, becoming our permanent clients. We are also doing our best to maximize our share in Kazakh market by reducing necessity to import competitive products as much as possible. Moreover, our products successfully entered Russian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Romanian markets.

Human factor plays one of the major roles in the growth and development of our company. Every "ZETA" employee feels responsibility for every stitch he or she makes, for every bolt he or she screws, for every product with "ZETA" brand. We try to give all priority is given to a person, not to a "cold" mechanical work or machines. Despite of the fact that "ZETA" has lots of employees and an average age is only 30, we managed to create a friendly environment within our professional team. We are young, single minded team with bright prospects, with mutual support it is not a surprise that we achieve more and more every year.

The growth rate that we experience today will benefit our country as well, helping Kazakhstan enter the list of 50 most competitive countries. We don’t plan to stagnate, we only plan to prosper and grow.

One of our major achievements is manufacturing and mounting Theatre chairs. Today, we’ve already mounted 22,000 seats of theatre chairs all over Kazakhstan. The manufacturing and mounting technology was developed by "ZETA" engineers. As an example, only in the city of Almaty we supplied and mounted theatre chairs for 5 cinema theatres and numerous conference halls.

Having big manufacturing facilities of office chairs, soft furniture, metal products and powder-dye treatment our company is constantly increasing level of production, as a result, creating new jobs.

In 2006 we opened manufacturing plant in Talgar (suburb of Almaty) which specializes in plastic products and tubing, giving jobs to more than 150 people.

So far our highly professional team consists of more than 500 people, which are absolutely confident in bright future for "ZETA". The core of our team contains highly qualified and experienced professionals. Thanks to adopting Italian technology, utilizing modern trends of management and flexible marketing policy, "ZETA" managed to become an absolute leader in manufacturing of office chairs, soft furniture, medical furniture, school furniture and plastic products for various needs with domestic market.

Among main principles of KMC "ZETA" we want to highlight the following ones:

    * Thorough Control and Regulation of all manufacturing processes
    * Use of only high quality raw materials for production
    * Employment of only highly qualified, experienced and educated personnel

KMC "ZETA" was rewarded multiple times at different international exhibitions for contributing to development of domestic manufacturing infrastructure.

From 2004 to 2006 we received diploma of national quality brand called “Bezuprechno” (translates as "Faultless" or "Perfect"). In 2006, in the city of Moscow, we received Honor Mark (in Russian: "Premiya Znaka Pocheta") called "The Leader of National Economy 2006".

The team of "ZETA" developed unique in Kazakhstan program of Import Substitution, which allows us to considerably reduce manufacturing cost without loss of quality; also it allows us to combine manufacturing processes for better productivity and more workplaces for citizens of Kazakhstan.
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