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Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia



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The Association of furniture  and woodworking  enterprises of Russia is founded in 1997. It is noncommercial nongovernmental public organization. The Association represents and defends interests of professional community in federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation, in trade unions.

Today the Association unites the regional and inter-regional associations, the largest enterprises. Together these enterprises represent 50% of the total turnover of the furniture and chipboards, 35%  of plywood industries in Russian. Annual output – nearby 6 billion US dollar.

The enterprises – members of Association are located more than in 30 areas and regions of Russia from Leningrad region in the West up to Irkutsk branch in the east, providing employment more than 140 000 person.

The association is a member of Commercial and industrial chamber of Russia (TPP), the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP), represents furniture and woodworking industry of Russia in the European federation of manufacturers of furniture (UEA) and the World furniture confederation (WFC).

Our offers of the import custom duties withholding on ready furniture of average price group, and decreases of the import customs on the equipment, materials and the accessories, which are not produced by the domestic industry, have been maintained by the Government and realized. Due to materials prepared by Association 12 Government of the Russian Federation Regulations were accepted. As a result a share of import furniture in the Russian market was stabilized and the production of domestic furniture in the period 2000-2006 has increased in 3 times. Development of the furniture industry has served as "locomotive" for revival and the accelerated development of the industry of wood panels. Large investments of foreign firms were obtained. Manufacture of plates for the same time has increased in 2 times.

Except for it the Association leads work to increase 4 times regulatory value of advertising charging to production price.

In the interests of its own members and the branch as a whole the Association carries out a complex of spade-works under the entry Russia into WTO and thereupon is a branch coordinator in RSPP working group.

The Association participates in working out, examination and support of projects of National Special Technical Rules on safety of wood panels and furniture to harmonize them with international ones.

The major tools of promotion of production of members of Association in the internal and external markets are exhibitions.

Hence, in 2006 the Association has represented itself as the general partner of exhibition company "MVK" at exhibition "Euroexpomebel" and company «Crocus Expo» at exhibition «Furniture club». The big work is conducted together with exhibition company “RESTEC".

We have supported the organization of exhibitions in Novosibirsk, Samara and Yekaterinburg.

Thus, the firm base for an output of our enterprises on these platforms on preferential terms with reception of prestigious places in exhibition halls is created.

 At each exhibition by the forces of Branch art - technical council on furniture, which operates under aegis of Association, is carried out competition of the best products of furniture and selection rounds of the National premium « Russian  Cabriole ».

 The premium is founded by Association together with the Union of Designers of Russia in 2004 for the enterprises and the organizations which have reached the best results in manufacture of competitive furniture, creation of industrial models and collections of furniture of original design and development of conceptual directions of development of domestic furniture design. The ceremony of handing of premium «Russian  Cabriole» times to the fair "Euroexpomebel".

 The Association carries out constant system monitoring and the analysis of Russian furniture and wood panels markets, reviews and forecasts development of the markets. To the enterprises - members of Association there is a consulting help in the decision of essential problems.

Now we consider necessary to develop new directions actual and important for members of Association and branch as a whole.

- Work with the regional administrations of Russia to render priority support and assistance for enterprises of the Association in the given region.

- Put obstacles in the way of irregular accessories and the products of furniture on domestic market.

- Organization for the enterprises, first of all - members of Association, professional community preparation system - training and raising the level of skill of employees of industrial, technical and technological services of the enterprises.

Our professional community constantly extends due to the new members really realizing necessity to unite efforts and importance of informal open dialogue.

In May 2008 Association signed Contract with World Furniture Confederation with rights to hold Third World Furniture Congress in Moscow, 9-10 November 2009.  

We are sure in wide prospects of Association and open to cooperation.

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